Job satisfaction in the garments industry

The drop-off in demand from traditional export markets following the global financial crisis already saw the demise of weaker players that had failed to reposition themselves in a changed economic landscape. What is your attitude towards using employee skills and abilities.

Employee’s View on Job Satisfaction: A Study on Garments Industry in Bangladesh

According that, female population is the dominated fraction of the sample. As well, in some countries we ask for information such as race or ethnicity for the purpose of monitoring equal opportunity; however, we do not require applicants to provide race or ethnicity information, and if you provide this information it will not be viewable in the hiring or selection process.

All employees selected randomly and all of them represented the department of the factory which is sewing, cutting and printing. Survey Data, At the beginning of the study, all employees are categorized age wise.

The results are computerized and compiled into lists broken down by store. Nature of production process: How about more "carrots" to keep people more long term -- retirement benefit.

It ensures delivery of necessary raw materials to the work floor and movement of materials within the shop. The appropriate rate must then be identified for that SOC code using the other tables, where relevant.

Easy to talk to, open to suggestions. On another hand, when the opposite situation is observed, when it is hard to get along with the people, the given factor imposes negative impact on job satisfaction Welfare Services: Based on the requirements of implementation, the worker and machinery assignments, the job priorities, the production routes, etc.

Do you consider the current welfare service has addressed your needs. What would you change if you were the owner. Welfare helps in keeping the morale and motivation of the employees high so as to retain the employees for longer duration.

After the determination of the essential schedule dates for key sub assemblies, the schedule utilities these dates for each component and works backward to determine the proper dispatch date for each component manufacturing order.

Production Planning and Control for Garments Industry

It guides and inspects the progress of the process and closes the records on the completion of the work or order. This technique is normally utilized in assembly type industries where they commit in advance to specific delivery time.

If employees have an opportunity to choose themselves to some extend independently indulgences from the whole package rendered by the company then they receive greater satisfaction from indulgences receivables and the job in the whole. Also 13 of employees have earned more than Rs.

Not long ago he was astonished to see the worst complaints from the store with the best working conditions and the most benefits. Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.

During the heydays of garment production, manufacturers would name the price of a product including their cost price in making the product plus profit. Release order and information.

Third category is age range. Due to the continuous monitoring of production flow and the utilization of resources by the production control department, any deviation from the predetermined plan can be managed; hence, the productivity may run according to the original schedule.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Now the retailers rule the market and drive the garment supply chain. How do you feel about the responsibilities of your job. Shaky power supply in some areas can disrupt production. The two stages in the planning stage are preplanning and active planning.

REALKOM, headquartered in Istanbul, is a market leader in the textile industry. A fully integrated textile company with a highly dedicated team of employees and a production capacity ofpcs of woven garment per month, REALKOM maintains high ethical and manufacturing standards.

Careers in construction. We offer competitive wages and salaries, Ellingson Companies provides full-time, year-round employment. Join Our Team. Job satisfaction is a complex concept, which can mean different things to different people, and is difficult to measure objectively.

Set out clearly your own explanation of job satisfaction, what you see as the main dimensions of job satisfaction and how you believe it can best be measured.

Chapter 1 1. Introduction 1. The topic of job satisfaction at work is getting wider attention at this time. Job satisfaction is the satisfaction one feels while doing the job.

Job satisfaction is one of the important factors, which affect not only the efficiency of the laborers but also such job behavior as absenteeism, accidents, etc.

Job satisfaction is the result of. The review of related literature is arranged in three sections. 1. Studies related to Job satisfaction in job satisfaction research, self-concept can serve as an independent variables only to a limited degree.

Prakasam (1 ) has found that occupational level has some garment industry suggest that open communication, job security.

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Job satisfaction in the garments industry
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Job Satisfaction Survey Sample Questionnaire, Employee Survey Template