The assam earthquake

This earthquake resulted into total loss of property worth 2, million US dollars. Protect yourself by staying under the lintel of an inner door, in the corner of a room, under a table or even under a bed. As the research scholars point out, studying the river and the impact of climate change is a must to understand why the state gets flooded every year.

Annual rainfall in Assam is not only the highest in the country but also ranks among the highest in the world; its annual average varies from about 70 inches 1, mm in the west to more than inches 3, mm in the east.

The Brahmaputra Board, under the Ministry of Water Resources, had suggested constructing dams in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh about 30 years ago, the Subansiri project being one of them.

The earthquake caused by violent volcanic eruption of Karakatoa in caused enormous tsunamis which generated The study discovered signs of soil liquefaction including sills and sand volcanoes inside of at least twelve trenches in alluvial fans and on the Burhi Dihing River Valley that were formed by past seismic activity.

This time, however, their service would be undertaken closer to home. With approximately seven hundred and fifty men, this force was formed as a police unit to protect settlements against tribal raids and other assaults as British rule slowly moved towards the north east parts of India.

The second fault measuring km in length and km in width runs in north-south direction through Ahmedabad, Mehsana and Baroda and is known as Combay Graben. In Dhubri also, all pukka buildings were demolished. The towns of Dibrugarh, Tezpur and Mangaldai were unscathed.

The zone of very high damage risk of Kutch region of Gujarat registered most devastating killer earthquake on Jan.

According to Hindu mythology, the Brahmaputra rises as the son of the god Brahma from a sacred pool known as the Brahmakund, in neighbouring Arunachal Pradesh. The velocity is said to have been 10, feet per second or miles per minute.

Understanding the Brahmaputra and the annual flooding in Assam

With the forecast in, one can calculate how much more water will flow downstream, thereby alerting people in advance to evacuate. Sand is being dug from the river Brahmaputra due to massive siltation in the water ways in the outskirts of Guwahati on November 25, The distribution of population is uneven, however, reflecting the hilly terrain, the number of rivers, the forests, the small amount of cultivable land, and the lack of industrialization.

The Great Assam Earthquake of 1897

See Article History Assam, state of India. Krishna Brahman and Janardhan G. Ritu Raj Konwar November 27, Gulzarilal Nanda, Union Planning Minister, visit a rapid survey of flood and erosion-affected areas of Assam on August 22, If we look at the past seismic history of Gujarat, it appears that a severe earthquake occurs every 30 years e.

Since the late 19th century, extensive oil reserves have been discovered in northeastern Assam. It also published telegrams from the Deputy Commissioners of Nagaon, Tura and Imphal, dated June 16, giving details of the devastation. Coal—used locally by the railways, tea estates, and steamships—also is found in northeastern and south-central Assam.

Zone I of least damage risk includes the places of some parts of Punjab and Haryana, plain areas of Uttar Pradesh, portions of plains of Bihar and west Bengal, delta area of the Godavari, coastal plain areas of Maharashtra and Kerala, desert areas of Rajasthan and most areas of Gujarat except Kutch area.

The Deputy Commissioner of Shillong mentioned the havocs in Shillong The prediction came from research of the historical records from the area as well as the presumption that since the Medog earthquake enough slippage has taken place for a large earthquake to occur.

Even the earthquakes of Peninsular India have been related to the active faults below deccan traps. The east Pacific, and the other oceanic ridges, where plates separate. Initially 1,2,8it was reported as Calcutta-based.

A separate province of Assam administered by a chief commissioner was created in with its capital at Shillong. Subsequently, disaffected Bodo tribal people in Assam and Meghalaya agitated for an autonomous state. Pilots flying over the meizoseismal area reported great changes in topography; this was largely due to enormous slides, some of which were photographed.

Besides, these zones are also the areas of strong volcanic activity. He and his member family had to evacuate their house in neck-deep water and take shelter at a naamghar public prayer hall.

Japan records about seismic shocks every year. Livestock and dairy farming have shown moderate growth since the late 20th century, largely promoted by the government. The strong tsunamis triggered by Lisbon earthquake also caused 3.

The human cost Lalita Biswas, 30, a daily wage earner at a brick factory in Morigaon, Assam, had to leave her submerged house in a village in Morigaon in a boat provided by villagers and take shelter in an open space on a nearby hillock. If in a moving vehicle Stop as quickly as safety permits and stay in the vehicle.

If you are in open space, stay there until the shaking stops. The cool season generally lasts from October to February and is marked by fogs and brief showers.

Earthquake rocks parts of Assam, Meghalaya, Bihar and Bengal: IMD

Education and welfare Education, which is free up to the secondary level, is compulsory for children between the ages of 6 and. Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News. The Assam–Tibet earthquake, [4] also known as the Assam earthquake, [4] occurred on 15 August and had a moment magnitude of The epicentre was located near Rima, Tibet.

The earthquake was destructive in both Assam and Tibet, and between 1, and 3, people were killed. The Assam earthquake of occurred on 12 June in Assam at local time, India, and had an estimated moment magnitude of Considering the size of the earthquake, the mortality rate was not that high, with about 1, casualties, but property damage was very heavy.

The massive earthquake that ravaged Assam on Independence Day that year not only claimed over 1, lives, but also changed the course of the mighty Brahmaputra. The earthquake is a form of energy of wave motion transmitted through the surface layer of the earth in widening circles from a point of sudden energy release, the focus’.

Assam: Assam, state in northeastern India. The name Assam is derived from the word ‘asama,’ meaning ‘peerless’ in the now extinct Ahom language.

The neighboring states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya were once part of Assam. The capital, formerly Shillong, was shifted to Dispur in

The assam earthquake
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Earthquake In Assam's Kokrajhar Of Magnitude, Tremors Felt In West Bengal And Bihar