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View at Picasa In addition to being the low season, it was also the time of year when many local farmers slash and burn the hillsides in anticipation of the new planting season.

Mekong RiverA woman rowing a boat in the Mekong delta region of Vietnam.

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Physiography The sources of the Mekong, including its principal headstream, the Za Qu River, rise at an elevation of more than 16, feet 4, metres on the north slope of the Tanggula Mountains in Qinghai province.

The present river morphology of the Mekong Delta developed over the last 6, years.

Mekong Basin

Geography[ edit ] Mekong River Delta from space, Februaryoriented with south on the top. The Cai Mep container terminals can accommodate vessels with a draught of Excitement, mystery and beauty abound around every bend.

You can view this video at http: Soils and deciduous vegetation on the hills are thin, and much of the original forest has been replaced by grassland as a result of grazing and repeated burning. In its more gentle lower stretches, where for a considerable distance it constitutes the boundary between Laos and Thailand, the Mekong inspires both conflict and cooperation among Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

After Vietnam replaced South Vietnam on the committee, and Cambodia ceased to participate, although Cambodia has resumed membership since Relax and float downstream Emails answered within 24 hours Cambodia time. Our hotel room with a view over the Mekong in Huay Xai, Laos.

Nonetheless, the parts of the basin in northern Laosnorthern ThailandMyanmar and China do experience frequent earthquakes and tremors.

The Slow Boat Down the Mekong River from Thailand to Laos – Huay Xai to Luang Prabang, Laos

While a small town, we were still able to get everything done that we needed to, including picking up a local SIM card for my phone. The region had a population of Investigations undertaken have included basic mapping, hydrologic observations, flood forecasting, soil surveys, fisheries studies, health studies, engineering-feasibility studies, power-market surveys, and agricultural research and pilot farms.

South of the Tibetan Highlands, the peoples of the river basin fall into two broad cultural groupings. Although two great roads cross it—the caravan route from the southeast to Lhasa and the road from Kunming to Myanmar—much of the river valley in the highlands of Tibet and Yunnan is remote and sparsely populated.

Mekong River delta, southern Vietnam. If you use the correct Jenn-Air parts the refrigerator will be happy. The upper section, above Chau Doc Chau Phuhas strong natural levees embankments built on either side of the river by accumulated deposits of silt behind which are low, wide depressions.

There is greater relief in the northern than the southern parts of the watershed, but the highlands in general are characterized by rapid streams that flow through narrow valleys before entering the lowlands bordering the Mekong.

It has a length of about 2, miles 4, km. It turned out the boat was far from capacity that day and only about two-thirds full.

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The focus of Mekong development as a whole has shifted since the mids to planning comprehensive programs for agricultural and community development in areas where water supply was available, with each country working out its individual financial arrangements.

The small urban population has been growing rapidly, chiefly through migration to the capital cities. The preeminent river is undoubtedly the mighty Mekong River, where the tapestry of life along its banks is as fascinating and varied as the many twists and turns it takes as it knifes its way through China and eventually through Vietnam and Cambodia.

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In a California courtroom, seventeen-year-old Nou Lee reels with what she is about to do. After crossing from Thailand to Laos, we board the slow boat for a two-day journey down the mighty Mekong River to the scenic city of Luang Prabang. Mekong River, Cambodian Mékôngk, Laotian Mènam Khong, Thai Mae Nam Khong, Vietnamese Sông Tiên Giang, Chinese (Pinyin) Lancang Jiang or (Wade-Giles) Lan-ts’ang Chiang, river that is the longest river in Southeast Asia, the 7th longest in Asia, and the 12th longest in the world.

It has a length of about 2, miles (4, km). AmaWaterways™ offers Luxury 16 Days Vietnam & Cambodia Riches of The Mekong River Cruise Deals and riverboats city tours in Hanoi Ho Chi Minh cities with highest ratings and top reviews to.

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